YT Video Downloader adheres to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other relevant legal regulations. Under the DMCA, we will promptly respond to any copyright concerns by taking appropriate measures to disable access to videos that are in violation of copyright.

It’s important to note that YT Video Downloader has no authority over videos hosted on websites other than We cannot remove or disable videos on sites that are beyond our control. If you are the rightful owner of a copyrighted video that has been posted on a different website without your permission, we advise you to contact the website’s administrator directly to request the removal of the content.

In the event that you believe videos on YT Video Downloader are infringing upon your copyrights, please don’t hesitate to inform us by submitting a written notice, referred to as an “Infringement Notice,” containing the necessary details.

However, it’s crucial to be aware that making false claims regarding copyright infringement can have legal consequences under the DMCA. Therefore, we strongly recommend seeking legal advice before notifying us about any copyright issues.

You can send your Infringement Notice via email to [email protected].

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